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Building Green Means Building Better

Building Green

When looking for Green, look for:

A Certified Green Professional™ to design, build or remodel your home. Enjoy the benefits and assurance of the training and experience that this educational designation offers.

National Green Building Certification. Because your home is inspected and certified, you can be assured that it’s built as green and as cost-effectively as possible.

Homes that are designed or built Green feature:

Energy Efficiency: Appliances, insulation, windows and heating systems are designed to work together – and to lower your utility bills.

Water Efficiency: A green home is designed to conserve water – inside and out.

Resource Efficiency: Recycled materials, waste management and durable construction.

Lot and Site Development: A light footprint on the earth, too.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Proper ventilation and products that don’t “off-gas”

Homeowner Education: Knowing how to operate and maintain your green home is as critical as getting it built right.

With a well-built and well-maintained home, you can reap the green benefits: your family’s comfort and your home’s value. From energy-efficient windows and appliances to the latest technology, a home designed and built Green is simply built better. You may also qualify for tax credits and other financial incentives when you build your home green.

Live in the Green Home of your dreams – with the help of David Smith Home Builder, Inc.